Turk/Johnson Immigrant Ancestors

Front cover of Our Immigrant Ancestors

Immigrant Ancestors


Profiles of the
Immigrant Ancestors of
Thomas Eugene Turk and
Margaret Elizabeth Johnson

by Larry D. Foreman,

Released in March 2021

Turk/Johnson Immigrant Ancestors Turk/Johnson Immigrant Ancestors is a compilation of biographical profiles of the immigrant ancestors of Thomas Eugene Turk and his wife Margaret Elizabeth Johnson. Each “entry” includes, to the extent known, the birth date and place, names of parents and siblings, marriage date and place, names of children, immigration data, and other interesting biographical information for a couple. The text is divided into two Parts: Part I covers 43 ancestor couples of Thomas Eugene Turk, and Part II covers 157 ancestor couples of Margaret Elizabeth Johnson. Among these 200 couples (entries) are 343 immigrant ancestors. Included are immigrants that came from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Sweden, The Dutch Republic (Netherlands), present-day Germany, France, and Switzerland. Some of the ancestors are prominent persons, such as Thomas Rogers, who was a passenger on the Mayflower.

Turk/Johnson Immigrant Ancestors is now available in soft cover for $10.00 plus shipping on Amazon.com.


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