The Guliaeff family: (l-r) Sasha, Nicholas, Tatiana, Andrew, and Nicholas, in 1969

Front cover of A Patchwork Quilt of Memories

A Patchwork Quilt
of Memories

Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff,

released in October 2012.

This collection of 329 stories and 21 poems forms an autobiographical account of the life of Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff. It is 350 pages in softcover. It is available for purchase on for $20.00.

Tatiana Otzoup Guliaeff was born in 1935 in Berlin, Germany. Her parents were Russian emigrants fleeing Bolshevik persecution. Her mother was a famous silent screen star. In 1939, her father abandoned her and her mother and moved to Spain. Tatiana and her mother endured the hardships of Berlin during World War II. After the War, they moved among various camps to avoid repatriation to, and certain death in, Russia. Eventually, she and her mother immigrated to the U.S. and ended up in San Francisco. Tatiana spent her youth there where she met and married Nicholas Guliaeff, another Russian émigré. Tatiana and Nicholas raised three sons in and around the Bay Area. The enclosed stories and vignettes are based on Tatiana’s life experiences and are generously embellished by her thoughts and feelings into a lovely Patchwork Quilt of Memories.

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