Passing Patriots - Poetry of War and Peace

Front cover of Passing Patriots - Poetry of War and Peace Passing Patriots -
Poetry of War and Peace

by Jennifer DiCamillo,

released in September 2011.

The poetry in this collection is intended to represent the political, demonstrate the resilient, condemn the tyrant, and cherish the soldier. Anyone who loves the tenets of our amazing country will enjoy this collec-tion.

Passing Patriots - Poetry of War and Peace includes 183 poems. Passing Pagtriots is available for $10 plus shipping. The book may be purchased at

Jennifer DiCamillo: Poet and Writer

Jennifer DiCamillo is a member and past-President of the Missouri Poets and Friends. It is the oldest poetry society in her state. She is also a member of the Missouri State Poetry Society, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, and Meeting the Muse. She has won over 180 writing awards. This is her fourth poetry collection to be published.

Jennifer is married to the love of her life, Tony DiCamillo, and has five wonderful children, four girls and a boy. To date, she has one grandchild, Anna Elizabeth, who is by all accounts pretty much perfect and the new center of her universe. She has two tiny yorkies, one cat, and one paint horse.

She writes in a haunted hollow in the Missouri Ozarks, just north of Branson, and gives full credit to the muses for inspiring pieces of poetry set in different wars and different perspectives.

For public or private readings, speaking engagements, or just to “talk poetry,” you can contact Jennifer DiCamillo at Or you can find her at

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