My Good Life!

Front cover of My Good Life!

My Good Life!
by Margaret E. Jesse
with Larry D. Foreman,
released in
November 2009!

The memoir of Margaret (Peggy) Johnson Jesse, describing her life as a child of the Great Depression, mother of two daughters, World War II bride and airplane factory worker, military electronics technician and inspector, and travelin' retiree.

My Good Life! includes 165 pages of stories and photos from Peggy's life. Included are more than 45 photos of Peggy, her mother, her two daughters, and her brothers. Appendices list three generations of ancestors and three generations of descendents.

My Good Life! is now available in soft cover for $9.95 plus shipping on

Peggy in 2009 "Doing my life story was a hard thing to do. I did it for my girls, my grandkids, my great-grandkids, and maybe even more generations. I hope all will enjoy reading about my life. I hope they can understand it. I did a lot of things wrong; I did some things right. I think everybody in their hearts wants to do the right things, but we all make stupid mistakes. I've certainly made mine. But I've tried to make up for it."

"As I got older, hopefully I got wiser and did things differently. I certainly look at the world differently today. I love my girls and grandkids and great-grandkids. I'm proud of both my girls and their husbands. I've had
a good life."

Below is a sample of photos from the book:

Peggy in 1938 at age 16 Peggy during high school years in downtown Huntington Park Peggy in 1944, expecting Sandy
Peggy in 1959 at home Sandy (17) and Claudia (15) in 1961 Peggy with Jack Black in 2009 at the Pleasure Garden at Blenheim Palace, England

My Good Life! was originally published in hardcover by Shoppe Foreman Publishing.  Hard cover copies are available only from the authors. A soft cover edition was published in August 2010 for general distribution. For information about Shoppe Foreman Publishing, go to the homepage on this website.


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