John Calvin and Emma McBride and nine of their eleven children

Front cover of Jahn Calvin and Emma McBride and Their Descendants

John Calvin and Emma Cerena Elliott McBride and Their Descendants

by Rosemary H. Eskidge,
Karen Elaine Beck,
and Lottie Mae Beck

was published in May 2014

Working as sharecroppers, John and Emma lived in dugouts, tents, and their wagon in search of their own homestead. They fought the elements floods, droughts, blistering heat and insects. They busted sod and reared eleven children in their travels from Arkansas to Indian Territory to New Mexico. The success of their family is the result of their religious faith, personal integrity, and love of family.

John Calvin and Emma Cerena Elliott McBride had strong religious values, a love of family traditions, and a strong work ethic. These influences were passed down to future generations through their children: Ola Christine (Tena), Ira Marvin, Luella Jane, Harley, Myrtle Eldridge, Ocie Mae, Cleora Delaney, Mary Louise, Artie Eugene, Henry Allen, and Elba Lanore.

As you read the stories about their eleven children, you can join in the laughter, tears, joy, and amazement in seeing how their descendants have survived and grown up. It will provide you an opportunity to evaluate your own struggles and find new perspectives on life. The strong American values of the McBride family continues with each generation.

The "McBride" book is 405 pages in length and includes hundreds of photographs. It is available in paperback for $11.95 on

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