E-mail Addresses of
Extended Family Members


Following is a list of e-mail addresses. You may begin by using the index at the beginning to go to the desired family group. We have tried to list all individuals, including those who do not have an e-mail address and those who have none. Individuals are listed by age within family groups. Where husband and wife both have e-mail addresses, we have tried to list them both and designated them as (his) and (hers).

Dick and Margie Foreman:   Gramm789@sbcglobal.net
    Tom and Jackie Gstrein:  Tom.Gstrein@gmail.com (his)  BrownEyesJDG@yahoo.com (hers)
        Chris Gstrein:   CGstrein@ucla.edu
        Greg Gstrein:   GRGstrein@csupomona.edu
        Cassie Gstein:   None
        Chelsey Gstrein:   None
    Alan and Christina Foreman:   KorfMonster@fronteirnet.net (hers)
        Jessie Foreman:   None
        Nick Foreman:   None
    Tami and Jim Smith:   IBCampingToo@hotmail.com
        Nicole Rice:   Unknown
        Stephanie Rice:   Unknown
            Jayden Acenfio:   None
        Thomas Rice:   Unknown
        Travis Smith:   Unknown

Judy and Roland Gold:   JudRoGolds@hotmail.com
    Troy and Beverly Smith:   TroyBev1@aol.com
        Troy Smith, Jr.:   Unknown
        Skyler Smith:   Unknown
        Hillary Smith:   Unknown
    Michelle and Ric Hammond:   Michelle1@smartrefi.com (hers)
        Ryan Cope:   Copa009@hotmail.com
        Brandi and Anthony Sigona:   Brands888@hotmail.com
            Gavin Sigona:   None
        Lacey Cope:   CLacey10@hotmail.com
    Janell and David Wait:   JanellWait@yahoo.com (hers)
        Jasmina Banionis:   Unknown
        Dylan Banionis:   Unknown
        Sean Banionis:   Unknown
        Danielle Banionis:   Unknown

Larry and Sandy Foreman:   LForeman5@cox.net
    Melissa and Brian Neely:   MelissaLN@brightok.com (hers)   NeelyB@okstate.edu (his)
        Kyrstie Neely:   Piano_Lover1@hotmail.com
        Tatyanna Neely:   Sing.Lover1@hotmail.com
        Shayne Neely:   None
        Sawyer Neely:   None
        McKayde Neely:   None
    Andy & Michelle Foreman:  Andrew.Foreman@us.army.mil (his)   
                                                        Michelle.Foreman@us.army.mil (hers) 
        Chelsey Foreman:   None
        Brittney Foreman:   None
        Caleb Foreman:   None
    Amy and Doug Lane:  AmySueLane@yahoo.com (hers)   DougKLane@yahoo.com (his)
        Elijah Lane:   Elijah_Lane@yahoo.com
        Katerina Lane:   None 
        Wyatt Lane:   None

Cheryl and Jeff Thiessen:   Jeff@scgelectric.com (his)
    Amber Falomir:   Unknown
        Trinity Falomir:   None
        Monet Falomir:   None

Claudia and Doug Rodgers:   Claudia.Rodgers23@yahoo.com
    Denise and Fred Highly:   Unknown
        Nicole and Harrison Ford:   Unknown
        Mitchell Highley:   Unknown
    Allen Barnes:   None
    Mark and Elaine Barnes:   Unknown
    Eddie Barnes:   Unknown
    Callie and Mike Ishii:  Unknown
        ??? Ishii:  None

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