Jack Horn by Rosemary Eskridge

Front cover of Jack Horn by Rosemary Eskridge

From his Texas pioneer heritage Jack Horn learned the value of work and integrity. Serving in the Army and Marine Corps prior to World War II, he gained a love of country and duty. As patriarch, he instilled in his children his strong values, humor, and passion for literature, song, and the outdoors. Jack Horn's centerpiece is his biography, focusing on his growing up years at home, his military career in the Army and then Marine Corps, his courtship with Christene, his family life, and his church life. Also included are biographies of Jack's two parents and four grandparents. The story of Jack's life is topped off by recollections from his seven children, some of their spouses, and sixteen of his grandchildren.

Jack Horn by Rosemary H. Eskridge, Jack's daughter, is 214 pages in length and includes 108 photographs. Jack Horn is available in paperback for $11.95 on Amazon.com.

Jack Horn at 3 years old in 1920 Jack in Marine Corps Basic Training at Parris Island, South Carolina, in 1938
Jack and Christen Horn shortly after they were married in November 1942 The Horn family on the day of Rosemary's wedding in May 1966.

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