Autobiography of Arie Noot

Front cover of Gratitude Is My Last Word

Gratitude Is
My Last Word

- The Personal History
of Arie Noot

by Arie Noot

Released in July 2015

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The Personal History

War and peace experiences of a young man, almost a boy, in the Resistance during World War II, followed by his service in the British Special Air Service to be dropped back into German-occupied Europe. He later was shipped to the USA to be trained in the United States Marine Corps and ended up in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps fighting on the island of Java. After a few years in the peacetime Corps, he was sent to then Dutch New Guinea and served on the Headhunters South Coast of the island and subsequently as Staff Officer Operations during the Indonesian infiltrations of New Guinea. Home in Holland he served as Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He and his wife, Antje, served three church missions in Central Africa, Holland, and Belgium. Now in his 90's, he lives in a small city in Utah, USA. He looks back at a full life of miracles, adventures, happiness, and gratitude.

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