You Should Have Been There - A Collection of Stories

Front cover of You Should Have Been There - A Collection of Stories You Should Have
Been There

A Collection of Stories

by Gordon W. Eskridge,

released in November 2011.

Gordon W. Eskridge, Ed.D., is a former NASA educator. His stories of science and science fiction, golf, hunting, family history, and Christmas carry his unique vision and style. The book includes 48 stories. It can be purchased on for $10.  

Gordon William Eskridge was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Both his parent’s families moved to Oklahoma and Indian Territories before statehood. Gordon was raised in Oklahoma City, and he graduated from Northwest Classen High School. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a radar technician at Webb Air Force Base at Big Spring, Texas. While there, he met his Texas sweetheart and future wife, Rosemary Horn.

 The couple returned to school and Gordon earned his Bachelors in Business and Masters in Education at the University of Central Oklahoma. By then he and Rosemary had five daughters and taught Earth Science to eighth graders for three years. 

He once posed a question “There must be more to life than teaching Eighth graders Earth Science?” His question was answered in a NASA-sponsored workshop by a the presenter, “Is anyone here interested in working for NASA in the Education Department?”

Working at the Johnson Space Center was a dream job come true. For the next 17 years, Gordon traveled throughout eight states in the Midwest and Southwest. He shared NASA information with teachers and students through auditorium presentations, classroom visits, and teacher workshops. His job was to highlight NASA’s science, mathematics, and technology applications and to the students’ burning question: “Why do I have to learn this?”

While working with NASA, Gordon earned his Doctor of Education degree at Oklahoma State University. Gordon has served as a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts for several years. He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and family history research. Gordon is a member of the Red Dirt Writers of Central Oklahoma. He has always enjoyed telling stories about his (mis)adventures, and now you can read some of his latest.

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