The Dick and Maggie Allen Family

Front cover of The Allen Children

The Dick and Maggie

Allen Children
of Sparks, Nebraska

by Larry D. Foreman,

Released in
December 2010

Featuring the autobiographies of the children of Dick and Maggie Allen. The children all grew up near Sparks in north-central Nebraska. The book also includes biographies of their parents, Dick and Maggie, and both sets of great-grandparents.

The Allen Children includes 311 pages of biographies and photos of the Allen family. Included are more than 140 photos of family members. Appended material includes a list of royal ancestors and a description of the relationships to three prominent historical figures - George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, and Meriwether Lewis.

The Allen Children is now available in soft cover for $11.95 plus shipping on

Below is a sample of photos from the book:

Ruby at age 4 with her mother Margaret Copeland and her mother Mary Oldfather and her mother Regina Leonhart Girls at school - Leta 2nd from left and Fern 2nd from right Hazel and Fern in the sugar beets
Clyde (l-r), Gladys, and Hazel Louis (left), Lena holding Leta, and Violet (right Fern holding Dickie Foreman and Leta (standing)


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